The Closet Buddhist

How I Gave Up Eating Meat

Eating meat is what I consider a disrespect to all life by the loss of life of an innocent and al. Giving up meat is not an easy thing to do but it can be done.

  1. Work with a nutritionist so you do not cut out any important nutrient that is vital to your health. For example I had to find other proteins other than soy because I am allergic.
  2. Start with one meal at a time and breakfast is the easy way to dip your feet in it since it is a favorite meal for breads. Since I eat oatmeal for breakfast, that was the easiest way for me.
  3. Avoid the fast food restaurants. Their menus are loaded up with junk and you have no choices in food anyways. Start carrying something with you. Your wallet will love you when you end your trips to Burger King.
  4. Go check out some vegetarian cook books froom your library. This will give you ideas of what to eat so you are not board and be tempted to eat meat.

For me, I could not give it up cold turkey ; pun intended. I had to ween myself off of meat over four months and I have not had a piece of meat go past my mouth since May.


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