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My Plans For The Holidays As A Buddhist In A Non-Buddhist Family

Thanksgiving is coming up and to me it is a holiday of sloth and gluttony for some and the slaughtering of animals. Everyone in my family travels but I have plans to cook in a nursing home for the day. This is giving back and be  generous to others. I feel better about doing this because I want to start a new tradition of helping someone on this holiday. The nursing home that I will be going to is a place that needs cheering up for the day.

Christmas is going to be a tough one but I will request that if you must give me anything, put the money to a local charity without my name on it. I feel like I feel I am forced to give in material gifts back to them because they have a habit of shaming you for not being thoughtful in a big gift for them. When I give big, I want to do it for the right reason. The right reason is to make someone feel happy without feeling obligated. My happy time this Christmas will be working with the local youth center as we do a teddy bear drive. This is how I want someone to be happy during this holiday season.





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