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Trying To Figure Out How To Meditate On A Blown Out ACL

I am not sure if I should avoid the meditation center  until my knee heals up but I blew put my ACL playing hockey this morning and I am on crutches in a straight knee brace. I tried getting down at home and swong my bad leg over my leg that is fine and folded up for proper meditation. It causes even more pain than I am already in to the point I can not focus. Should I just wait until I am feeling better to return to the meditation center even though it will not be until next year? I am also not able to participate in yoga class either.


Real Life Mara Demons, I Have Mine

The Buddha faced the Mara demon which turns what should be negatives aspects of life seem positive. Here is mine, it is called mental illness. I suffer from Bi-Polar disorder and severe soctal anxiety disorder. Here is how it throws me off the path.

The bi-polar disorder causes severe ups with a cute mania and crippling depression. It is the mania that causes me the true problem in causing me to be come not mindfull in my actions. I become severely deluded in believing that I need things that I should not need like that $54 eyeshadow pallet. What good is it for me besides instant gratification for something that I might rarely use?

Now the social anxiety disorder holds me back from doing good with fear with being around people. Meditation helps me work through it that not all will bite and to start to overcome this fear. The fear of socializing  has held me back from going to the meditation center, creates negative aspirations in me to avoid others and makes me even more of a closeted Buddhist.

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