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A Hate Letter To Alzheimer’s

Dearest Alzheimer’s,

Hate is a very strong word but hate is a word that is approprate for you. I hate what you are doing to my grandmother by taking away everything she loves and turning her into a shell. I hate what you don to so many others around the worlid by destroying them. When you strike someone with it, you strike  whole family because we have to watch our loved one fall apart. We should be able to give our loved ones the best send off between the cycle of life and death but that can not happen with you. If you were curable and gone from this world,no one would miss you at all.

Another person who hates you,



Changing My Thanksgiving Plans

Due to me going in for knee surgery before the holiday, I will be in no shape to go in and volunteer since I will have been barley home. I talked with the nursing home that I am doing this and there is no problem but I do feel guilt because I am not going through with a promise. I have some fault by playing a little too rough in the sport I love but this is just one of the small things. I have tofurkey already brought and try to help the family out for dinner while on crutches. The good news is that nursing home who had volunteers come in during Thanksgiving stI’ll needs volunteers during Christmas. This might be better because by then, I will not be under the influence of pain medication that I will need to take for a while.

One Time When There Was No Control In My Life

I have been there, it is called my father’s drug addiction to prescription pain pills and it started when I was small. He was in a bad car accident and he recovered by learning how to live off pain pills. Pain is both physical and psychological and I believe that the physical suffering can partialy helped by psychological means.

Now his addiction got out of control when he tried to commit suicide with my mother, the family dog, and I in the house by running his car with garage door shut. I know this is mental anguish but he put everyone in danger. This was a lesson in forgiveness and understanding of sickness. He was mentally sick.

He lost his battle with his addiction to the pain pills. This is where I had to learn the hard way to accept death. Life and death is a cycle that so many do not want to accept because we live in a world that wants to be young forever and never die. This was a storm that I had to hang on because this was bumpy water.

There Is No Excuse For Bullying

We are in bullying awareness week and Bullying needs to be stopped on all spectrums. Some people feel entitled to bully on even the most trivial reason like bad writing. Get over it, there is no excuse. What gives you the right to put others down for not being like you? I feel it is insecurity and a need for control of another.

The Suffering Of Change According To An Aspie

Suffering in Buddhism has three parts; pain, change, and conditionality. My form of suffering that affects the most is suffering from change, A part of my Asperger’s is that I am rigid with routines. If you throw me off the slightest path, I will become a riveted and then I do not know how to deal with the change.

I havery begun to look at it as this will pass and the world will not come to a crashing end if someone comes over and you are delayed putting dinner on the tabble. It may be a noting to be but again, the world will not come to an end. This is something that will pass and the sufeeling of change is something that will be worked out over time through meditation. Suffering from change get will always be with me but it works it self out the more you medditate.

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