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Body Image Misery Upon Us

There is no doubt that as a woman that there is every tool to make me feel insecure about my self and cause girls and women to consume more to feel like they belong on a superficially level.

1. body immage- It goes from model skin to cross fit built. There are memes out there if you do not look like this then you are lazy and you are doing something wrong. Here is a concept and that is not to diet but portion control. Diets fail at the end of the day If you have to lose weight, do it iso a slower manor to make it come off and not expect rapid results.

2. On the level of fashion- girls and  women are expected to have the latest modelof clothing to be seen “on trend” but in the reality it is another cause for a female to consume  to feel like they belong.

3. Cosmetics- this is the most shallow of levels. Wo end are expetted to out into public wearing the latest makeup with the latest techniques.  This is one addiction that makes of e feel insecure if you can not paint your face in the right way. On a side note, make up and cosmetics can be an expensive addiction.

This misery is soetching I feel can be tamed into mindfulness and seeing the why’s of it. This type of suffering does not lead to anything g good but can set the stage for womenergy and girls to suffer from eating g disorders, anxiety, and depression because they do not feel like they belong g.



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