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Trying To Figure Out How To Meditate On A Blown Out ACL

I am not sure if I should avoid the meditation center  until my knee heals up but I blew put my ACL playing hockey this morning and I am on crutches in a straight knee brace. I tried getting down at home and swong my bad leg over my leg that is fine and folded up for proper meditation. It causes even more pain than I am already in to the point I can not focus. Should I just wait until I am feeling better to return to the meditation center even though it will not be until next year? I am also not able to participate in yoga class either.


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3 thoughts on “Trying To Figure Out How To Meditate On A Blown Out ACL

  1. Proper meditation? You don’t need to “fold up” for meditation. Hopefully, you’re going to need those knees for a long, long time. You don’t want to have to replace one or both of them when you’re my age. For much of my adult life, I pushed my body until it began to push back. Finally, I’m learning. LOL


  2. Sorry to hear that. That hurts a lot. You may wanna give yourself a few days to let the tissues heal and inflammation to subside. I haven’t done yoga but if certain positions may cause more injury or delay the healing, it’s best to do it when swelling subsides.


  3. ubenmaat on said:

    There are lots of different ways to meditate, and lots of different positions. You can sit with your legs straight, you can lie down, you can sit on a chair. If folding up hurts too much, just do it another way.


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