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Why Some Of My Wrtings On Buddhism May Seem Black And White

Some has pointed out that I seem to be too black and white in my writings but there is a challenge that I face and that is Asperger’s.  One part of Asperger’s is that we have problems understanding abstract concepts.

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2 thoughts on “Why Some Of My Wrtings On Buddhism May Seem Black And White

  1. ubenmaat on said:

    Believe me, I understand. I’m right there on the spectrum with you.


  2. khendradm on said:

    Hmmm. I excel with abstract concepts, listen to a lot of abstract music, and often view life rather abstractly. Then again, the cut-off between what is true Asperger behavior and what is simply INTP-type behavior (INTPs excel in abstract thought, but are also tactless, unsociable, etc.) is an issue of contention.

    Anyway, don’t take the criticism about black-and-white thinking too personally. I happen to think people’s sloppy, excessively gray, nonlinear thinking leads them astray in some contexts also, so black-and-white thinking that is more accurate and precise than theirs is tends to be seen as a threat to their less systematic brains. 🙂


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