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My Plans For The Holidays As A Buddhist In A Non-Buddhist Family

Thanksgiving is coming up and to me it is a holiday of sloth and gluttony for some and the slaughtering of animals. Everyone in my family travels but I have plans to cook in a nursing home for the day. This is giving back and be  generous to others. I feel better about doing this because I want to start a new tradition of helping someone on this holiday. The nursing home that I will be going to is a place that needs cheering up for the day.

Christmas is going to be a tough one but I will request that if you must give me anything, put the money to a local charity without my name on it. I feel like I feel I am forced to give in material gifts back to them because they have a habit of shaming you for not being thoughtful in a big gift for them. When I give big, I want to do it for the right reason. The right reason is to make someone feel happy without feeling obligated. My happy time this Christmas will be working with the local youth center as we do a teddy bear drive. This is how I want someone to be happy during this holiday season.





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8 thoughts on “My Plans For The Holidays As A Buddhist In A Non-Buddhist Family

  1. Thanks for liking Clump A Day! You and I were on the same wavelength today. I just gave a large bill I found on the walking trail to go to an adopt-a-family for Christmas program at our Quaker Meeting. It seemed like bad karma to keep it for myself. Cheers!


  2. Thanks for the like. I wish you all the best on your journey of discovery.


  3. Yes there are so many “shoulds” to do with holidays and Christmas can be one of the most stressful of all. Giving and receiveing are very jaundiced in our society. Thanks for liking my post.


  4. I applaud that you give back. My request to friends, family, and fans is to make a donation to the all volunteer literacy and positive media charity, Be the Star You Are!® which works hard to empower women, families, and youth.
    Nothing makes me feel greater than when I’m serving. What a beautiful paradox for life. Give on!


  5. yoginitracyvt on said:

    I have the same struggle participating in the materialist cycle year after year. Most of the time it pains me to buy presents unless I feel it’s THEE perfect, most thoughtful gift. Then I struggle with what I will do with the many things that were given to me. Perhaps some year I am going to take stand and announce that I can no longer participate in it and request no gift exchanges, although I know it will disappoint many. May you savor your thoughtful exchange exchange with the universe!


  6. We are fellow travellers in this regard. Happy Holidays. 🙂


  7. Hello! Thank you for following my blog, also! Thank you for honestly sharing your journey with us. I guess the older I get I realize that each person has their own reasons for gift-giving, and the reasons may seem “right” or “not right” to us, but the gift is in the giving, the gift is to the giver. So I hope you will be able to honor your family’s different ways of believing as much as you want them to honor yours. You are very brave to share your feelings with the world like this, and you are not alone in your journey, to be sure!


  8. This reminded me of just after I had converted to Islam around Christmas of 2004. I hadn’t told my mom yet, and you know how Christians love their Christmas ham!


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